Realm trigger with exclusion projection requesting operationType t

Hello everyone! I’m having an issue with a trigger in my Realm app that I use to move data from Mongo to EventBridge.

When trying to add a projection to a realm trigger that uses exclusion projection it throws the following error: “‘operationType’ is a required field in a valid project expression”.

The projection expression I’m using:
{ “fullDocument.images”:0 }

I need to be able to only exclude a certain field from my document, this error isn’t really valid as operationType will be included if I use an exclusion projection.

This seems like a product bug right, or should I be doing something different? Temporarily I’ve generated an inclusion projection expression but if I add any new field to the document I’ll have to modify the trigger which doesn’t really work for our use case.


Hi Leandro,

I am having this exact problem and was wondering if you found the right projection expression.

I would be very grateful if you could share it here. Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris, I’ve talked about it with support and they’ve started an internal ticket to work on it. I’ve upvoted the following in the feedback website, I suggest you do the same: Realm Trigger Event Projection should support exclusion – MongoDB Feedback Engine


Hello @Leandro_Diaz_Guerra and @Chris_Rutte

First of all, I would like to welcome you to our MongoDB community forums!

Regarding your feature request, as @Leandro_Diaz_Guerra mentioned, it would be good if you could upvote Realm Trigger Event Projection should support exclusion – MongoDB Feedback Engine to help our product team prioritize feature requests based on developer interest.

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion, this is incredibly helpful to improve Realm!

Kind Regards,