Realm sync auto disconnects

Hi, I am using realm for a personnal project but the syncrhonization always stops randomly can anyone assist me with that ?
First it’s the error 431 on log in then its that.
I keep getting ‘Connection was closed by Sync Server’ and i don’t really know what it means or how I can solve it.

Hi, do you have a link to your application in the realm cloud UI? Also, what is the symptom of this? Disconnections happen and are baked into how sync works. The client should reconnect to the server (with some backoff parameters) and the sync server handles the disconnection / reconnection and resumes synchronization where it left off.

Hi, how do i find a link in realm cloud ui? i am using Atlas and i can’t find one

When you are setting up sync you are on a webpage in atlas that will have a URL like this:

compagnon | Logs | App Services (


Yup, that is it. Do you mind answering my other question? Is this causing any issues? Looking at the logs it looks like when this happens the client reconnects within a second and continues syncing.

This can happen when deploys happen and the server disconnects clients and the client will connect to a new server.

i feel like there might be an issue with my app on your end because i just created a new one and replaced the current app id and url by those of the new app in my code and now I can log in my app without an issue… i just need to make sure there aren’t any other issues with accesssing my data. When sync disconnects i can’t sync data and I have been stuck on this for a couple of days: it’s slowing my app development

I can’t access my data with the new app but i think that’s because i chose the old app atlas database to store the infos