Realm SwiftUI: Property wrappers and MVI architecture

About this event

In this second installment of our SwiftUI series, Jason Flax, the lead for Realm’s iOS team, returns to dive into more advanced app architectures using SwiftUI and Realm. We will dive into what property wrappers SwiftUI provides and how they integrate with Realm, navigation and how to pass state between views, and where to keep your business logic in a MVI architecture. If you missed our first SwiftUI & Realm talk, you can review it here before the talk and get all your questions answered - RealM Meetup: SwiftUI Best Practices with Realm - YouTube

All attendees will get free SWAG!


  • Introductions

  • StateObject, ObservableObject, EnvironmentObject

  • Navigating between Views with state

  • Business Logic and Model-View-Intent Best Practices

  • Q&A


Jason Flax

Jason Flax

Realm, Lead Engineer, iOS