Realm Swift object property of type Data, sync to Atlas?

The Swift Realm data modeling supports properties of type Data.
The JSON Schema for MongoDB Atlas Realm Sync schemata does not appear to, based on the docs.
I have a binary blob of a photo stores in an Atlas document field as binary. When I try to generate a schema for it with the Realm console, it tries to make it into an EmbeddedIObject, which seems weird.

Is there any way to support Realm Sync with a binary Data property in Swift with Atlas? Is the only answer to convert to a Base64 String and store it that way which is less space-efficient?

Hey y’all, I think I answered my own question. If I have a property in schema of “bsonType”: “binData”, it will persist a Binary blob.

There is no mention of this in the documentation here:

so that’s an improvement that could be made to help other developers who want to do this as I did.