Realm Studio Crash: Invalid top array

Since the 5.0.0 release we are unable to use Realm Studio to open Realms freshly created with 5.0.0 or Realms that were previously 4.x.x.

The error is: Invalid top array

It works with all projects that have not updated to 5.0.0

macOS 10.15.x (and 10.14.x)
XCode 11.3.1
Realm Studio 3.10.0

Please manually download the 3.11.0 release of Realm Studio from Release 3.11.0 · realm/realm-studio · GitHub this has the ability to open Realms using the new format, but please be aware that opening Realms with this version of Studio will also irreversibly upgrade “old” Realm files, making them unable to open via “older” SDKs.

@kraenhansen Thank you. That version has allowed us to access our Realms again.

Now if you could just fix the issue with 5.0.0 not returning correct results when filtering…

I have the same problem but can’t use the latest App on Mac because the App isn’t signed correctly.

That’s weird. I just downloaded it and it’s working correctly for us. Did you try contextual click->open? aka right click->open?

Seems to work with that, yes, thank you. Why Apple why?

There’s a feature in macOS called “Gatekeeper” that gives you a level of security against opening apps from unsigned developers. By default it just won’t open them.

However, to provide flexibility, right-click open circumvents Gatekeeper and allows you to open unsigned apps.

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