Realm SDK for .NET?

Is .NET MongoDb Realm SDK on the roadmap?

What is the ETA?

Will it be possible to create uwp apps (or other Windows apps) with MongoDb Realm?


@Alexei_Vinidiktov We want to bring our .NET SDK to MongoDB Realm, but it is going to take more time than for other SDKs - because before the merger Stitch didn’t have a .NET SDK, and because the .NET team is currently understaffed.

Yes the idea would be that you would be able to use this to create UWP apps - Definitely.


Did the original realm team quit?

We need the .net version with frozen objects as well for some blazor server development.

No they did not, they are actually some of our more competent engineers so we were able to move them to different projects that had a higher priority during our product launch. We are looking to rebuild the team as evidenced by our hiring of more .NET developers, see here:

This process takes time though so thank you for being patient.

I see :expressionless:

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