Realm react native Best practices

Been using realm with react-native for quite sometime . And we are looking it as our offline first db .
Have few queries on the same -

  1. We use redux ( redux -saga ) , how good is realm with redux ?
  2. It would be great if you could recommend a updated github repo as realm - react native best practices for complex apps ( not basic todo apps ) where we can get a glimpse of schema , relationships , proper crud architecture using realm , state management .

Redux is for local state management for the application where as MongoDB Realm is the offline first database. Yes you can use redux and realm together and can create very good application. I have build a moderate complex app using the both and trust me realm is so good. I have used partition sync because at that time flexible sync was not recommended for complex app but now realm team is recommending flexible sync and I am thinking to create an app using flexible sync and I am pretty much sure it would be great.