Realm not syncing to Atlas

Dear all,

As a hobbyist i try to get Realm working, it seems all amazing, but it is not that easy (to me):). In any case, after all I got something working, but only on the device itself. It does not update in Atlas. What I noticed is that the connection is almost directly closed, with this message:

Sync: Connection[1]: Disconnected

Should that be the case, or should I look into that?

Best and thanks in advance.

@Maarten_Verhoeven Likely there is an error in the logs on the Realm Cloud UI - take a look at the logs sidebar tab. You can also increase the logging level of the Realm device side SDK to get more details -

Hmm. Thanks :slight_smile:

“Session closed after receiving UNBIND event”,
“Session was active for: 0s”

Ill search further.