Realm JS & Kotlin SDKs | Community Update May 2023


What's happening in Realm Community? Here's a quick recap:

What’s New?

Realm Kotlin v1.9 released

Realm Kotlin 1.9.0 was released on Maven Central and Gradle Plugin Portal.This release includes support for Kotlin Serialization, bundled Realm files and simple full-text search, and more. A detailed explanation is provided by our lead engineer Christian Melchior on the Realm product team blog.

Seeking feedback on Realm JS v12 (alpha)

Realm JS team has been working on redesigning the Realm JavaScript version 12. The new version is implemented in TypeScript, involves writing less C++ boilerplate code, and offers more optimal code for supported JavaScript engines. Try it out and give your feedback here.

From the Community with React Realm SDK

Our newest community member @gymbuddy_ai (Evan Burbidge) from Dublin, Ireland shared his experience of creating app using Atlas Device Sync and React Realm SDK in a user-group event.
Find out more on MongoDB user-groups closer to your location.

Unsynced Documents reached 100k, :scream: what do you do?

Bravo to our new community member @Mateusz_Piwowarski for trying to resolve their case of unsynced documents. Some steps to take:

  1. You can set up an Atlas alert on the number of unsyncable documents
  2. Check the log statements for reasons for unsyncable documents
  3. You can query unsyncable_documents collection in the __realm_sync database (please do not modify this database)
  4. Added a new required field, don’t forget to modify existing Atlas documents.

Gems from the Past :gem:

Managing Realm Environments to CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions

Community member @Paramjit_Singh asked for “Best practices for using Realm environments” which was answered and turned into a blog post about “How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for MongoDB Realm Apps Using GitHub Actions

Meet the Flutter team in Berlin!

The Realm Flutter team is participating in DroidCon/FlutterCon in Berlin 5th-7th July. Lead engineer Lubo Blagoev will give a talk on Writing a Flutter and Dart FFI Plugin.

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