Realm functions for .net

Hi Team

I am new to MongoDb Realm.

Just to give you a background of my requirement, I want to construct a new collection from another collection in Atlas Mongodb (with some business logic). This new collection will then be used by FrondEnd system.

I am playing with Realm and wondering if that can resolve my requirement.

So basically when ever there is an insert/Update to original collection, a trigger is fired which will take this collection, do some manipulations and insert/Update into a new collection. I am looking at the Realm Functions. This apparently only works for Javascript ?

I am more comfortable with .net. Is there a way to write functions in ?

I also looked at MongoDb Realm .net SDK. I am not sure how would you connect that with Realm functions ?

Your help will be deeply appreciated !

Welcome to the community @learner_me!

Server-side logic for Realm Functions and Realm Triggers currently only supports writing JavaScript functions. However, you can execute Realm Functions from a connected client app using any of the MongoDB Realm SDKs (.NET, iOS, Android, …) and return results for processing in your application.

If you have a strong preference for writing all of your functions in C#, an alternative approach would be to set up a persistent application watching for relevant insert and update events using MongoDB Change Streams (which is the server feature that Realm Triggers builds on). However, this would be client-side processing rather than server-side.

You can execute a server-side Realm Function from a connected C# client app using the user.Functions.CallAsync() method. For more information, see: Call a Function in the Realm .NET SDK documentation.