Realm + Expo currently not possible!

PLEASE. Provide a working, up-to-date repo/template/example of Realm + Expo that can be used with EAS and runs on windows 10. I did every setup and tried every template, repo, cli tool I could find on the web. Not a single one of them builds successfully and is littered with errors. As far as I can see a lot of people are having the same issue and are not finding a solution as well. This costs so much development time and turns MongoDB app development into mobile sdks bug exploring. I did not post any specific bug because at this point they all might be out of date and pointless.

In order to provide a useful advice, we need to understand which versions of Expo, React Native and Realm you are using (see also realm-js/ at v11 · realm/realm-js · GitHub for which versions are compatible).

Moreover, it could be useful for us to see examples of the error messages.

I will take some time to provide such information, but you could simply run the bootstrap expo guide in the docs or pull the expo realm template and you will see that both are broken. Non-expo realm examples and apps work perfectly fine.

@Damian_Danev We just released an expo template that should be working. Let us know if it works for you!

Now with expo 49. The template is broken again.