Realm Documentation: Feedback Button Missing

The feedback button appears to be missing in the documentation pages

Not sure when that change occurred but it was handy to provide feedback when there’s a code error or other issue that makes the documentation incorrect or vague.

It does appear there’s a feedback option when rating the page but I find that Rating a documentation page is vague itself; what if there’s a simple typo? Does that justify a one-star rating?

Can we please have the feedback button back and loose the “Rating” button?

Hi, @Jay. Thank you for your feedback! The team working on the feedback widget has seen your comment and is talking about it internally.

I can’t make any promises, but you bring up an excellent point and I appreciate you voicing it.

@Kyle_Rollins Thanks for the reply.

How does one report a documentation error at this time?


Ah, right. I assume you’re looking for something similar to the old “idea” option instead of a rating? Unfortunately, providing a rating is currently the only way to submit feedback.

For now, a workaround of sorts would be to leave a middling rating to give us an indication that something is wrong with the page. After selecting a rating, you can add your email, a description, and take a screenshot just like you could in the earlier version.

@Kyle_Rollins ok. That’s exactly what I did.

I will go off topic and post it here as well.

PersistableEnum API Docs differ from the Swift SDK Guide - or at least is a bit ambiguous. Does PersistableEnum require a raw value as specified in the API or not, as shown in the guide.

Thank you! We always appreciate feedback on the docs. :smile:

Both things are true, though the connection between is, perhaps, not clear. PersistableEnum does indeed require a raw value. The code in the example works because Swift implicitly assigns raw values if you don’t explicitly assign them.

The code example is relying on a Swift language feature that we haven’t exactly spelled out. Do you feel there’s value in doing so?

@Kyle_Rollins I think it would add some clarity since PersistableEnum and a Swift Enum have similar behaviors but are not exactly the same. Perhaps something like this in the Guide

Realm’s PersistableEnum behaves much the same as a Swift Enum. When an explicit raw value is not specified, PersistableEnum implicitly uses the case name as the raw value in the case of a String, and with Int, the implicit value for each case is one more than the previous case. If the first case doesn’t have a value set, its value is 0.

and then maybe changing the API to reflect the same.

To me, the current API makes it appear that the raw value must be explicitly spelled out which would be a different behavior than Swift Enum.

Just a thought.

Yeah, we could definitely do a better job making this more visible. Thanks for talking it through with me. I’ll create a ticket for the work and we’ll try to get to it soon.