Realm device sync permission on document

there are 4 documents in my mongodb, i am using realm flexible sync, the four documents are

  1. profile
  2. shg
  3. training
  4. products
    out of these 4 documents, i want any user who comes to read & write only their data in profile, and for rest of the 3 documents, i want to give them permission to only read. I am unable to do anything as of now, I am not able to understand docs on how to achieve this. please help me.

Hi. We currently allow for you to either set table-specific roles or default roles (applied to any table without a table-specific role). See here for an example of how this is done:

Note, that we will soon actually remove the Permissions section in the Sync UI and it will just become a part of the “Rules” page which should be easier to navigate.