Realm DB local - nodejs for Electron desktop app - how do Live Objects work?

This is a pretty general question but the concept of “Live Objects” keeps coming up in the Realm DB docs. We are building an Electron app using Realm local nodejs. We haven’t been able to conceptually understand when the concept of Live Objects would apply to what we are doing with Realm / JS. Does this apply more if we were using something like React where Live Objects may “do something” / update the UI on its own? Because with our basic Electron app (no UI framework) we just pass back and forth between the main and renderer (UI) processes Realm _id primary keys to fetch and push the data back and forth to and from the UI. So we can’t seem to understand where the concept of a Live Object would apply?

Is it as simple as if we stored a Realm object as a global variable then if that Object updates/changes that global variable of that Realm Object would update and stay “live and up to date”? Sorry for the noob question!