Realm CLI push only specific changes

Does anyone on MongoDB Atlas team know how I can push only a specific folder of a Realm App project and not the entire App, using realm cli? Meaning, if I am making changes to realm function, I would like to upload only those changes and not anything else within the Realm App Project folder.

For example, I would like to run this command:
realm-cli push 'path/to//functions/folder' the push command though, pushes all changes and will remove any functions created using the Realm App Web UI that it does not find in your project.

realm-cli function unfortunately only runs the function (you can’t update the source code, or view it)

Hi Rolando,

Unfortunately, the full realm app will get updated at the moment. Is there a use-case where your local directory contains a different set of functions than the ones that are deployed and shown on the Cloud UI?


I think that there is a common use case on where more than one developer is working in the same app and they don’t want to overwrite the work that other developers are doing in different artifact. By pushing a single artifact I can warrant to not impact the app state my team is expecting to work with.