Realm-cli push detects changes while there are none


When I do :

realm-cli pull --remote APPNAME 
realm-cli push --remote APPNAME

I expect no changes, wheareas I get :

Determining changes
The following reflects the proposed changes to your Realm app
--- data_sources/mongodb-atlas/default_rule.json
+++ data_sources/mongodb-atlas/default_rule.json
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-    "id": "63e118520e8ed71ba5ec3c00",
+    "id": "63e11cb33fc8536fb59264a4",

As the “id” is not visible in the source file (data_sources/mongodb-atlas/default_rule.json), I suppose it’s an internal mechanism.
I don’t think it’s relevant for me to see a difference while I made no changes at all.

Maybe am I doing something wrong ?