Realm Backlink Query Subscription Error

Hi! I’ve been using the realm .net sdk in unity for a while now and everything was working. But recently I uptaded it to version 11.6.1 and I’m getting a error:

In my user realm object I store the campaigns they are in:

public IList<CampaignInfo> Campaigns {get;}

and in the campaign object I have a backlink to query the players in that campaign

public IQueryable<UserData> Players { get;}

And I subscribe:

Realm.Subscriptions.Update(() =>

It was working fine, but now I’m getting this error:

RealmException: Serialization of a query constrained by a view is not currently supported
Realms.NativeException.ThrowIfNecessary () (at <3ff9cade0d5745aa90679519e2526012>:0)


I’m not sure why this wasn’t giving out an error previously, but this doesn’t look like something that was ever supposed to work.