Realm and trigger count error

Hi there,
I am following varius tutorial but I am stuck at the same point and has been two days now :confused:
would someone help me with this issue? code error below

pc@drag:~/Documents/realm/realm-master/inventoryDemo/export/backOffice$ realm-cli import --strategy=replace

failed to diff app with currently deployed instance: error: error validating trigger: maximum database trigger count for cluster size=‘M0’ is 5

Thanks Everyone.

Hi @alby_olly – are you able to share the app that you’re trying to import (maybe a GitHub repo?)

What do you get from realm-cli --version?

Is it an M0 cluster?

How many triggers in the current app?

How many triggers in the version you’re trying to import?

Hi Andrew,
I am just following this Importing the Realm Inventory Demo Applications - YouTube time 9.57 min ,
version 1.3.4 .

I followed the instructions from realm/inventoryDemo at master · brittonlaroche/realm · GitHub and the import worked but I was using an M10 Atlas cluster.

If you’re using an M0 (free) cluster then you’re limited to 5 triggers ( – this app has 8 triggers.

A few options:

  1. If you don’t care about using these backend integrations and web app at all then you can skip this Realm app altogether (you can use Realm Sync with just the sync app
  2. Use a M2 (paid) cluster or higher
  3. Look in the triggers directory and decide which 3 triggers you can live without and then delete them
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