Real Time: MongoDB data to AWS QuickSight

My current Database size is of around ~4 GB and it is increasing day by day. I have a requirement to integrate it with BI service to give clear insights of the data to the stakeholders.

Is it possible to integrate MongoDB directly with AWS QuickSight? There are options of importing CSVs, JSON etc, But as data growth is high it doesn’t look feasible and I am looking for real time solutions.

Note: I am running MongoDB on AWS ec2 instances, not using Atlas currently.

What I would like to know is:

Is there a best way to connect to MongoDB cluster with AWS QuickSight with Realtime outputs? if not, What are the other best possible solutions?

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Hey Viraj, did you find the answer to your question?

Hi @Naser_Zandi,

Welcome to the community.

Yes. I tried couple of options and I deployed it successfully.

There are several third party connectors available in the market, You can use that. The way, I did was, I wrote a script to get necessary data from Mongo and storing it on RDS. You can try storing files on S3 too. And finally, you can plug that in as the data source in the Quicksight. You can also use AWS DMS to load the data for Quicksight dashboard.

I hope this is helpful.


I’m interested in your experience thus far. I have a similar situation (using an SaaS product in AWS GovCloud set on a mongo database). I’m interested to know how effective the solution in report generation and how the issue with non indexed, not relational data is overcome.

Hello, I’m also interested in your experience on this topic, would you like please reach send me a private message on skype : b.hamichi
Thanks in advance