Reading failed: Software caused connection abort

React Native Project


Of note, I wrote my own contexts for Realm and Auth for my previous projects but decided to try the Realm React SDK this time around. Things are working for the most part, but I have noticed a few concerns:

  • I receive quite a few of these errors: [error] Reading failed: Software caused connection abort

I am not sure what I am doing to cause them or how to handle them. I have an onError callback as part of my Realm configuration

  • If I set the log level in m code, my app crashes: Realm.setLogLevel(DEV ? ‘all’ : ‘error’);

Supposedly this can be done anywhere in the code, but I am sure about this based on my results, Currently, I am calling this command in a useEffect hook of App.tsx (I also tried in index.js)

  • I am using React Navigation and the fallback feature of UserProvider, and while it works, the transition from my fallback screen (login) to my default screen is clunky at best. There is a white screen for a second or two. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Thank you for any help or insight you can provide.