Read from socket is taking time

Version 3.0
Linux Redhat 7

Intermittently facing issue from application and observed that application thread is waiting on socket read

MongoDB 3.0 is well out of support(EoL February 2018). You should look at upgrading to 3.6 at a minimum.

You’re going to want to correlate this socket read with the query issued and look for optimisations in the query or add/update indexes to support the query.

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There is no long running query, written on to logs. Its very abrupt and once in evey 100k. But even that is critical and can create issues in our environment

Wanted to know exactly, what it means when it says taking time on read from socket

The best advice I can offer before even considering anything else is upgrade MongoDB to a supported version. This may be an already fixed issue.

Don’t neglect the client drivers either.

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I take your point, upgrade has to happen. But for my understanding, what it means by waiting on socket? Application written on Java connects to mongoDB, via 3.0 java mongo driver and while doing a read, it waits for 5 seconds and then comes out. It is driver problem? Connection framework problem or Database problem? Wanted to understand theory… If someone can throw light