Reactive Streams Query with an ISODATE

Hello everyone, i need help on a query using ISODate while using the library Reactive Streams.

I’m trying to build this query :

 filter: {
   $gte: ISODate('2023-07-12T00:00:00.000Z')

So i tried this :

    BsonDocument date = new BsonDocument();
String date1 = "2022-02-27T09:03:53.000";
   date.put("$gte", new BsonString("ISODate('"+date1+"')"));

Or this one :

     date.put("$gte", new BsonString(date1));

none of those works since i don’t get the document i’m supposed to get

how can i build this query knowing that i have to use the BsonTypes and i can’t seem to build BsonTimeStand or BsonDateTime

Thanks for reading !