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Is there a way to quickly log out of the site? So far, it looks like I have to click my picture and then click my name under the picture and then click “Log Out”. Hey! 3 clicks to log out, and the action is buried in submenus! There does not seem to be a keyboard shortcut to log out.

Can’t this be made faster and more convenient?

Thanks so much


Hello @Robert_Cochran, shift + z two times.

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yes the quickest way is SHIFT + Z, SHIFT+Z

Ups. Hello @Alexandre_Araujo after a refresh I saw you answered already :slight_smile:



@Alexandre_Araujo @Michael thank you both for your replies, I really appreciate it. ‘SHIFT + Z’ twice is still the equivalent of two clicks on a link…I admit this is new to me…I will try it out and see how it feels.

Thanks again so much


Hello Robert,

just click a ? (question mark) on the keyboard on any place (except in an edit field) and you will get a list of keyboard shortcuts. When you are used to use primarily the keyboard also SHIFT+Z (twice) can pay off.
Especially the “u” to return to the previous page and the navigation shortcuts e.g. g followed by h for home or u for unread are very handy…

Have a nice day,


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