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I like how community has been integrated to forums (or forums integrated to community part of site). However, in this process there has been lost easy way to return to front page of forums, once you have dived to some topic reading it. Before MongoDB logo brought one to forum frontpage, now it takes you to community page.

Maybe add forums next to Learn and Community on header? Without direct link to forum start, I think it is three clicks to get there via current navigation options. Or I didn’t find any easier way, which is also a bit bad. :slight_smile:


Yes. I miss that navigation convenience - now I have to use the browser’s go back button (feels not very comfortable for some reason).

Hi @kerbe and @Prasad_Saya

you can use a keyboard shortcut:
g followed by l (small L) this will bring you back to the “latest” section

There are many more keyboard shortcuts which you can find when you press “?” in a non editor field.

Hope that helps

PS I miss the leaf-button, too


Thank you. Actually I can press the u - this took me back to the main screen from this post (and thats what I wanted) :grin:

Hello @Prasad_Saya,
yes the u shortcut is fairly handy, I didn’t mention this as example since @kerbe asked for the start page.

The use of keyboard shortcuts is anyway a very personal thing. E.g. I like to use:
g,n – to go to the new posts
o – to open a post
u – to go back
j – to move to the next post

Since this “back link” has been asked multiple times: To add a top link to the start page as @kerbe suggested can be helpful. Would that fit to the future plans @Stennie, @Jamie?


Keyboard shortcuts are neat, but they don’t work for me. On my own computers I always use some Vim -keybinding plugins (Vimperator, Pentadactyl, Vimium or similar), so sites own keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work (or well, need to escape from browser extension to pass them through to site, which makes it more complicated :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have mouse with more buttons than I have figured sensible bindings for, and I use it’s back/forward quite often in browsing. Still, there are times when I prefer to get into very beginning of forum, and not backtrack there :slight_smile:

@kerbe you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Community Forums link to get back to your home page.

Thank you @Doug_Duncan, I hadn’t noticed link down there. :smiley: I was simply looking it from topside of page. This helps me to move around a bit more easier. :slight_smile:

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Quick update, y’all. We have changed the top Community nav link to point directly to the forums homepage, both here and on DevHub until the nav menus get built out more. Cheers :slight_smile:


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