Questions on Text Search


Can someone clarify:

  1. Is text search available for self-deployed mongodb? I can not find anything about lucene index in mongodb github source code. Is that something we can use for free without Atlas? We can manage the deployment ourselves.
  2. Can we create text index on array of jsons? Suppose our json is:

{events: [ {key1: value1, key2: valu2}, {key1: value3} ]}

Can we create index on those value1,value2,value3?

Hi @Guanyao_Huang

Atlas CLI can create local deployment that allow a developer to create and use Search and Vector Search indexes in a local development environment.

Also, does it support creating index for NS, like: {keyA: {keyB: value1, keyC: value2}} Can it create lucene index for value1/value2?

Final question. Can I use mongodb lucene index for text search for self-deployment. That means we deploy instance to host the index files. Seems mongodb atlas uses lucene index, but self-deployment uses another index. Is it that b-tree index it can only do prefix search: wildcard search will be difficult. But later post seems we can free text search all values? Is that still through b-tree? That would be slow.


Hi Chris

Appreciate the reply. I am referring to the text search here:, Atlas and self-deployment uses different text search engine. Are they the same? I heard the atlas one uses lucene index but how about self-deployment one? Our use case is mostly wildcard/regex search in some fields. If it is b-tree index I am afraid only prefix matching is fast. ATLAS is not free AFAIK.

Also, can you kindly help me on how to create index? Does MongoDB allow us create index on nested JSON or array of JSON objects?

Thanks a lot.