Questions About MongoDB Relational Migrator Tool

Hello Team,

I am doing some POC to migrate the SQL Server database to MongoDB Atlas using the MongoDB Relational Migrator tool.

I could see the tool by default is not able to detect the tables under user-created schema in the SQL Server. I am able to see the tables under the default schema (dbo) but not the other tables.

Here is the screenshot from the SQL Server side where I have another set of tables

Anyone else encounter something similar? Can you please suggest?

If this is the expected behavior with the current version (1.1.2) of the tool, then it would be great if we could also add the functionality to detect tables under user-created schema.


Hi @Naveen_Kumar2 -

Ah, AdventureWorks - almost as fine a schema as Northwind!

For a reason I’ve never fully figured out, the SQL Server driver only pulls tables from the dbo schema when you connect to all databases. However if you specify a database name on the connection page (or via the databaseName JDBC parameter) the tool is able to load data from all schemas.


Thanks for your help @tomhollander !

After providing the database name, now I am able to list all schemas and the tables underneath it

I will continue to explore the tool :slight_smile:


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