Questions about "db.serverStatus()"

The db.serverStatus().asserts command returns

{ “regular” : 0, “warning” : 1, “msg” : 0, “user” : 41800, “rollovers” : 0 }

The number of “user asserts” is very high, for this I have investigated and found, on the mongodb.log, this warning:

2020-07-29T07:31:51.848+0200 W COMMAND [conn225] Use of the aggregate command without the ‘cursor’ option is deprecated. See

This warning is repeated about 131000 times in 6 days … this number is too high compared to 41800 assertions user (the uptime is equals to 71 days).

Continuing, I also found:

2020-07-28T09:36:40.256+0200 I ASIO [NetworkInterfaceASIO-RS-0] Failed to connect to mongo003:27017 - HostUnreachable: Connection refused

but the frequency with which it occurs is very low.

Finally, I found this error:

2020-08-06T01:00:12.205+0200 E QUERY [conn58614] Plan executor error during find command: DEAD, stats: { stage: “COLLSCAN”, nReturned: 1, executionTimeMillisEstimate: 82, works: 3, advanced: 1, needTime: 1, needYield: 0, saveState: 1, restoreState: 1, isEOF: 0, invalidates: 0, direction: “forward”, docsExamined: 1 }

but I don’t understand on which collection the plan executor fails

Can you help me understand what to look for on the log file?


Hi @Alaskent19,

Since the msg parameter is 0 I am not sure the assertions are written to the log.

Does your application logs report on any errors or issues?

What makes you believe there is an actual issue? Assertions may be transient and unimportant…


Hi @Pavel_Duchovny,

thanks for the reply.

I don’t understand … why on the mongo log there are no user assertions? Or if there are, what should I look for?
How does mongodb increment the counter if they are not present in its log file?

Can errors be raised by the application and not tracked by mongo?