Question about Time Series collection

I create a new collection with Mongo Compass and preconfigure the collection to be a time series collection. I select my column timedate as timefield and pick second as granularity and leave metafield and expire after seconds empty.
I sometimes get dates show up like 1978-01 and 1-10 and a random time.

any ideas as to why this happens for several million records

example record

Manhattan,4,4616338,"40.7607,-74.002141 40.76212,-74.91 40.76335,-73.999271 40.76491,-73.99805 40.7667406,-73.996681 40.7693,-73.994801 40.7699605,-73.994521 40.7710104,-73.99438 40.7715106,-73.9942",12th Ave N 40th - 57th St,NYC_DOT_LIC,8.07,382,2019-01-11T18:03:31.000Z

Hi @Ewin_Hong ,

Dates on this timedate filed?

How do you insert the data?

The provided row looks like a tsv file or something? How do you make sure that the inserted data is converted to a proper bson date?

Additionally, do you make sure the values are correctly assigned and not shifted?