Question about chunk

I am learning mongodb,and i have some questions:
1:how to query chunks information about one table
for example, i created table : table01 in db01, how to query chunks about table01?
i did not find collection/table name in db.chunks in config db.
2:what is the meaning about _id,uuid in db.chunks
I created table01(hashed) and inserted 1000 rows, I saw there are 6 chunks in three shards using getShardDIstribution. does it mean i will find 6 rows in db.chunks about table01? in fact , i saw many _id using db.chunks.distinct("_id"), and i saw 2 uuid using db.chunks.distinct(“uuid”).
3:why my _id in db.chunks is a number string?
i did some search in internet, i found someone print that
but when i query db.chunks, all _id is a number string like :

thanks a lot. I still have many questions,I will read more and more mongo documents.

in db.chunks,the min/max key are all number string, like :“min”:{“name”:3074457345618258602},“max”:{“name”:6148914691236517204}
how to transfer these numeber string to char string?
in fact, i inserted char string into “name” column.