Querying subdocuments to find all that have a greater quantity than 0

I have the following schema for an e-commerce clothing shop:

// Define the schema for the data
const ProductSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
name: String,
description: String, //client description of their product
category: { type: String, enum: productCategories},//shirt, t shirt,
material: String, //jean, cotton, ect
color: String, //dark wash/ medium wash
size: String,
image: String,
inseam: Number,
price: Number,
stock: Number,

And I want to return a cursor to all the items that fit a specific color and have a stock greater than 0, regardless of size and inseam.

I’m struggling a lot to build a query, it seems I need to use some form of aggregation but I’m really at a loss here-- I just started using mongodb

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