Queryable Encryption in MomgoDB Atlas

I have implemented Queryable Encryption on community edition, now i want to implement it on atlas for my organisation. Please guide me with the correct document i should refer and also what should be the specification of my cluster to auto configure it as it stays Automatic Queryable Encryption is available there.

To implement Queryable Encryption on MongoDB Atlas, refer to the official MongoDB Atlas documentation and ensure your cluster is M10 or higher, running MongoDB 6.0 or above with Encryption at Rest enabled. Configure key management using AWS KMS, Azure Key Vault, or Google Cloud KMS. Enable Automatic Queryable Encryption in the Atlas UI, update your MongoDB client driver, and configure client-side Field Level Encryption (FLE) for your encrypted fields. Follow the provided documentation for detailed setup and validation.

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what is the key difference in Automatic Queryable Encryption and Explicit Automatic Queryable Encryption. Even i am unable to find any thing like Enable Automatic Queryable Encryption in the Atlas UI,

As you have seen, @Steven_Danner, do not really knows the answer. ( I do not either ) He probably used Generative AI to provide an answer in which he could spam with a link.