Query search Object in Array with couple parameters

Hi, I’m starting with mongoDB now. And trying to make a GraphQL query with Insomnia for my DB to search records, where n:200 and a_gte:5 in one Object, but query give me records, where I have n:200 and a_gte:5 in any other Object in shops array. How can I specify to look for a_gte:5 only where n:200 are placed?

Structure is:


I am not too sure but I would look at https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/operator/query/elemMatch/. This ensure that the query is satisfied within the same element of the array.

Yes, but I can’t use it (or don’t know how) in query GraphQL in Insomnia. With pymongo I made it work yesterday, but DB will be connected to bubble.io.