Query on multiple embeddings of same collection

I have a collection having name, description and I have created embeddings for both the fields. I want to perform the vector search using both the embeddings. Is it possible to do that? I can perform search using single embedding with this

queryVector: [queryVectors],
path: "name_embeddings",
  numCandidates: 20,
  index: "index",
  limit: 10,

Can we combine the name_embeddings and description_embeddings at the same time?

Hi @Shivang_Garg1,

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There is one workaround which is shared in this thread:

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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@Kushagra_Kesav_X thanks for the reply. How can I create embeddings on array type field? One of my field is of array type and the values are stored as string values only.