Queries not responding after a while if field-level-encryption is enabled

we are using mongoDb want to use CSFLE to encrypt sensitive data. After connecting to the mongodb and the mongocryptd process a few queries are successful but after a while the queries stop responding.
We are using following setup:

This issue can be reproduced in my local machine if we run continuous queries using tools like Appache Jmeter or even call the db queries inside a loop. Queries won’t respond after 15-20 iterations.

A help here would be really appreciated.

After spending 4 days debugging mongoose, mongodb and mongodb-client-encryption modules, I found out that this issue happens only when accessing un-encrypted collections. I have done a work around in my code. I specified all my collection-names in my jsonSchema even if I am not encrypting any fields in that collection and it resolved my issue. Still want to confirm was that a miss from my side or is it a bug in autoEncryption.
If anyone is stuck in this issue, try doing this.
‘dbName.collection1’: {
bsonType: ‘object’,
‘dbName.collection2’: {
bsonType: ‘object’,