Q. How to use bind_ip

I want to assign several Ip using the bindIp Option of MongoDB Configuration File.
However, the option was not applied to see if there was a problem with grammar.
I tried several ways to solve this problem, but it didn’t apply.


I need help.

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

The IPs specified in bindIp must be associated with a local network interface. For example, on Linux the IPs should appear in the output of: ifconfig -a | grep "inet".

If you try to bind to a non-local IP interface the MongoDB process will fail to start and log an error similar to “Can’t assign requested address”.

If your MongoDB process fails to start, please check your MongoDB log files for more context on the problem. If you aren’t sure how to interpret the log messages, share a relevant excerpt in the forums.


I’ve been mistaken about bind_ip.
However, thanks to the kind answer, I was able to have the right concept.
It was very helpful and thank you. :smiley:

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