Q. Considerations when building on a VM

I’m trying to build with one storage and multiple VM servers.
Is there anything to consider?

Of course, if there is a storage problem, it affects all servers, so I think it’s safer to use sets of one server and one storage.

But is there anything else besides that?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

Unless this is a development environment I wouldn’t recommend using shared storage as you have a single potential point of contention & failure. However, I assume your storage solution has some sort of built-in redundancy for storage and power.

I would definitely review the Operations Checklist and Production Notes for any considerations that apply to your environment (for example, remote file system mount options).


What does "a single potential point of contention & failure" mean?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

I was referring to your shared storage approach.

As you noted in your first post, a storage problem can affect all servers. If this is a production environment I assume your storage solution has built-in redundancy for data, network, and power so that may be less of a concern.

In terms of resource contention: there will be multiple VMs writing to the same storage destination (perhaps over a network). This also may not be an issue for your use case, but you asked about considerations.


If so, I can consider issues such as storage performance and network bandwidth.

Thank you.

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