Python profiling using cProfile pstats dot.exe

I am sorry. But the question is related to Python (though used on MongoDB).
When I am reading data from MongoDB Atlas using Python, I am getting a spike at a point. In order to get an explanation, I need to see the memory usage of different sections of my own program.
cProfile is working fine. If I want to see an image, I have to use the steps mentioned in
. I am having problems in getting equivalent Windows (in place of Linux commands) commands.
I have installed gprof2dot and dot of graphviz.
I have used graphviz before with Protege but not in the above way.

The doubt is related to Python and I am asking here as I have not got any responses from any of the Python forums/ related forums till now.
All my questions are appropriately answered in this forum in very less time. I thank all…

Do I have any other option or I have to switch to Linux platform?

With Best Regards