Python examples of MongoDB Atlas API

Please could someone tell me where I can find Python examples of MongoDB Atlas API?


Hi Shaun,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

For the simplest example of using the Atlas API from Python, see Calling the MongoDB Atlas API - How to do it from Node, Python, and Ruby.

Once you have authenticated, the Atlas API should be straightforward to work with.

However, if you are looking for a more Pythonic interface or examples check out @Joe_Drumgoole’s mongodbatlas package: Install from PyPi or View source on GitHub.


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Hi @Stennie,
Do you have an example of using Atlas API from .NET?
I am planning to use the api for creating fts index.


Hi Supriya,

We don’t currently have a per-language example, but it’s something we’d love to develop in future. I hear you in particular on how valuable this would be for search indexes!


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