Python async writing performace issues, stopped at last few writes

Hi there, the async insert_many() always froze at last few writes, used motor writing into mongoDB, total 65 tasks, each task 500 ducuments.

result = await coll.insert_many(batch, ordered = False)
                if result.inserted_ids:
                    global box
                    box +=1
                    print(f"Box {box} ")
                    print(f"batch {ID} Completed")
                    return True

The first 60 tasks are very fast, but then the 61 took 5 minutes, and the program just froze there, some times need to waiting for 2 hours to complete or not complete at all, is that something normal?

async def Gather():
    tasks = []
    for ID in range(1, 65):
    await asyncio.gather(*tasks)

loop = client.get_io_loop()

The scraper scraping each batch and feed to mongoDB, my internet may has issues, so anyone knows what happened?
Right now it stopped at 61th task, and just froze no progress, total 65 tasks should be, no error throwing for scraping, everything is fine.

Could it be that your scraper tasks are blocking for a long time?

If not, could you isolate the potential bug into a script that reproduces the problem?