PyMongoCrypt 1.1.0 Released

The PyMongo team is pleased to announce the 1.1.0 release of PyMongoCrypt - the Python bindings for libmongocrypt. This release adds support for:

  • Azure and GCP keystores. “gcp” and “azure” are now supported in the kms_providers option, see encryption_options – Automatic Client-Side Field Level Encryption — PyMongo 3.12.0 documentation. For Azure:
    kms_providers = {'azure': {'tenantId': 'tenantId',
                               'clientId': 'clientId',
                               'clientSecret': 'clientSecret'}}
    For GCP:
    kms_providers = {'gcp': {'email': 'email@email',
                             'privateKey': 'privateKey'}}
  • Temporary AWS credentials can now be used to access KMS with the new “sessionToken” option. For example:
    kms_providers = {'aws': {'accessKeyId': 'accessKeyId',
                             'secretAccessKey': 'secretAccessKey',
                             'sessionToken': 'sessionToken'}}

Note this release also drops support for libmongocrypt 1.0 and 1.1. libmongocrypt >=1.2 is now required.

See the changelog for a high level summary of what’s new and improved or see the PyMongoCrypt 1.1.0 release notes in JIRA for the complete list of resolved issues.

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