PyMongoArrow 0.4.0 Released

We are proud to announce the 0.4.0 release of PyMongoArrow - a companion library to PyMongo that makes it easy to move data between MongoDB and Python’s scientific & numerical computing libraries like Pandas, PyArrow and NumPy.

PyMongoArrow extends PyMongo’s APIs and makes it possible to materialize query result sets as various tabular data stores. And now in version 0.4.0, it also supports writing those tabular data stores back to your MongoDB database using the write function:

  from pymongoarrow.api import write
  from pymongo import MongoClient
  coll = MongoClient().db.my_collection
  write(coll, df)
  write(coll, arrow_table)
  write(coll, ndarrays)


Wheels are available on PyPI on x86_64 (for Linux) and x86_64, arm64 (for macOS) architectures.

$ python -m pip install pymongoarrow


  • Support for bson.decimal128.Decimal128 type.
  • Support for macOS arm64 architecture on Python 3.9+.
  • Support for writing tabular datasets (materialized as
    PyArrow Tables, Pandas DataFrames, or NumPy arrays) to MongoDB
    using the write function.


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