Pymongo Drivers

PIP is not used in our bank for installing the PyMongo Driver, We are using SPUDS to install software.
Now task given to me
How can i perpare RPM package to install some features of pymongo driver only?.
How can i customize the pymongo driver installation?
Example, in windows when we install any software, It gives option to choose drive & directory, also which feature to install as part of installation, same i need to do as part of RPM package
Please guide

Hi @Sukhvinder_Singh_Kau ,

I’m not familiar with SPUDS. Is there a link you can share for context?

Your general question of how to create an RPM package for a Python module is better suited for a site like Unix & Linux Stack Exchange or perhaps a support community for SPUDS users.

There are tools to convert Python packages to RPM, but these are not specific to MongoDB. For example, pyp2rpm appears to automate the process: GitHub - fedora-python/pyp2rpm: Tool to convert a package from PyPI to RPM SPECFILE or to generate SRPM..

If you are able to use pip locally, you should also be able to download the relevant PyMongo Wheel file for your platform from PyPi. If you aren’t familiar with Python Wheels, they are platform-specific binary packages which avoid having to compile from source.