PyMongo 4.1.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the 4.1.1 release of PyMongo - MongoDB’s Python Driver. This release fixes a number of bugs:

  • Fixed a memory leak bug when calling decode_all() without a codec_options argument (PYTHON-3222).
  • Fixed a bug where decode_all() did not accept codec_options as a keyword argument (PYTHON-3222).
  • Fixed an oversight where type markers (py.typed files) were not included in our release distributions (PYTHON-3214).
  • Fixed a bug where pymongo would raise a “NameError: name sys is not defined” exception when attempting to parse a “mongodb+srv://” URI when the dnspython dependency was not installed (PYTHON-3198).

See the changelog for a high-level summary of what is in this release or see the PyMongo 4.1.1 release notes in JIRA for the complete list of resolved issues.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!

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