PyMango on Django MongoDb Cluster Connection Issue

pymongo.errors.ServerSelectionTimeoutError: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed, Timeout: 30s, Topology Description: <TopologyDescription id: 656ed8c2f0e1053888305ed5, topology_type: Single, servers: [<ServerDescription (‘’, 27017) server_type: Unknown, rtt: None, error=AutoReconnect(‘ [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed’)>]>

I have following in Django

    "default": {
        "ENGINE": "djongo",
        "CLIENT": {
            "name" : "db_name",
            "host": "",
            "username": "username",
            "password": "password",
            "authMechanism": "SCRAM-SHA-1",
            "authSource": "admin",

When it is pinged from cmd
Following error is recieved:
Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.

I have following Versions of Packages:

Tried a solution too : Navuagted to virtualEnv/Lib/pymongo/
and Changed the HOST="localhost" to

But the error is still there…
PS : using the link mongodb+srv:// in mongosh worked pretty fine and totally worked but not working in my Django Project.

I Want to migrate my database to mongo using python migrate
I also have whitelisted my own Ip and to the Ip access list.

Please any lead. Thank you very much in advance

According to djongo docs it uses the same parameters as pymongo, try changing the client to:

   "uri": "mongodb+srv://"