Put a variety of items along the expressway

I want to use an express way to post numerous objects to my Mongo database. As you can see below, everything is now operating smoothly when I do it as a single object (i.e., ONE casino). However, rather than repeating this process a million times, can someone kindly assist me in doing it as a massive data dump so I may upload ALL of my casinos?

Here is my method, which is suitable for submitting a single item:

router.post('/post', async (req, res) => {
const casinoD = new Casino({
    casino: req.body.casino,
    table_and_other: req.body.table_and_other,
    poker: req.body.poker,
    slot_machines: req.body.slot_machines,
    total_gaming_win: req.body.total_gaming_win,
    year: req.body.year,
    month: req.body.month,
    combined_date: req.body.combined_date

try {
    const newCasino = await casinoD.save()
} catch (err) {
    res.status(400).json({ message: err.message})

I also realize that using mongoimport is a better option, however that method has its own problems.