Pushing array of elements to nested array in mongo db schema

I´m trying to update my database schema in its user topic . Its schema would look like this:

 nickname: [Object],
      email: [Object],
      password: [Object],
      image: [Object],
      googleFlag: [Object],
      groupOfChats: [Array],
      role: [Object],
      messages: [Array],
      userState: [Object],
      friends: [Array]

Where the item to modify would be the groupOfChats that is an array that contains several objects and on the objects there is an item ‘memberId’ which is a array of string ,being this last one the one i want to access to modify:

groupOfChats: [
      idGroup: { type: String, required: true },
      nameGroup: { type: String, required: true },
      membersId: [{ type: String, required: false }],
      groupCreatorId: { type: String, required: true },
      messages: [{ type: String, required: false }],
      groupImage: { type: String, required: false },

Trying to access that membersId item in a specific group i just tried to set this, but isn´t working:

let friendsAddedIdOnly =["des","pa","cito"];
            let userChatGroupUpdate = User.updateOne(
                  _id: payload.idUserCreatorGroup,
                  "groupOfChats.idGroup": payload.groupId,

                { $push: { "membersId.$[]": friendsAddedIdOnly} },
                { new: true }


              (await userChatGroupUpdate).save();

a view of my mongo database would be like this:

Hi @Enrique_Fermin_Gordo,
Try this:

let userChatGroupUpdate = User.updateOne(
  _id: payload.idUserCreatorGroup,
  "groupOfChats.idGroup": payload.groupId
  $push: { "groupOfChats.$.membersId": friendsAddedIdOnly}