Push failed: cannot have duplicate service name

Could the recent release on March 3rd, where the Service Name for a datasource now defaults to the Cluster Name in the CLI and the prompt to choose a Service Name has been removed,
be causing issues with CLI push failures when modifying functions or triggers that rely on existing datasources with custom names?

Hi Support, I’m having the same issue. We are updating the production instance and this is stalling our updates.

Hi @Sajithlal_k and @Leninkumar_Perumalsamy,

This is a known issue, due to the change in configuration format: the procedure to solve it is as follows (with the appservices tool)

  • Ensure you’re logged in to the app affected
  • Pull the app configuration to a fresh directory (i.e. not the existing local configuration)
  • From the configuration folder, remove the contents of the services folder
  • Push the configuration: this should go through without errors
  • Once again, pull the configuration to a fresh directory: this should now have the new configuration format, and you can start working on it for the future releases.

Hope that helps!

Hi Paolo,

Removing the services folder from the configuration helped. thank you.


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