Pune MUG : Meetup Reloaded

Pune MUG : Meetup Reloaded

About this Event

:loudspeaker: Announcing the Second Meetup of the Pune MongoDB User Group (MUG)! :tada:

We are excited to invite you to the second user group meetup of MongoDB enthusiasts in Pune. Whether you’re a seasoned MongoDB user or just getting started, this meetup is the perfect platform to connect, learn, and share your experiences with fellow MongoDB enthusiasts.


Time Topic
10:00 AM Registrations
10:15 AM Welcome Notes by MUG Pune leaders
10:30 AM A Deep Dive into MongoDB Schema Design - Unlocking the True Potential of NoSQL
11:15 AM MongoDB and GeoSpatial Data - Working with location based applications
12:00 PM Breakfast and Networking
12:30 PM Leveraging MongoDB Atlas Vector Search for RAG-Based Chatbot Development
01:15 PM Quiz and goodies
01:30PM Closing notes



Sahil Doshi

Consulting Engineer, MongoDB
Sahil is a consulting engineer in MongoDB for almost 2 years and has worked with more than 100+ clients across a multitude of business domains, helping them with anything and everything “MongoDB”.

Jitendra Choudhary

CTO, Nirmitee.io

Jitendra is an emerging technology leader with a strong focus on AI and full-stack development. Over the past six years, he has be contributing in diverse range of projects, leading teams, and implementing innovative solutions that drive business growth and digital transformation.

Arsalan Ahmed Shaikh

Lead engineer at Publicis Sapient

Specializing in robust solutions with React, Typescript, and Node.js for 5 years. Pioneered Amdocs’ Britebill design system and amplified customer experiences at Appsmith. Currently, as Lead Experience Engineer at Publicis Sapient, revolutionizing ecommerce by transitioning legacy infrastructures to headless CMS. Actively learning to build GEN AI solutions with MongoDB vector search



Vishal Alhat

Lead engineer, Forcepoint Software
MUG Pune Leader


Faizan Akhtar

Software engineer, Criteo
MUG Pune Leader

This meetup will be an excellent opportunity to:

Meet and Greet :

Connect with other MongoDB users in Pune, share your experiences, and create a strong, knowledge-sharing community.

Insightful Talks:

Gain insights on MongoDB’s features, scalability, flexibility, and data distribution capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, there will be something to learn.

Live Q&A Session:

Get your burning MongoDB questions answered by experienced users and experts present at the meetup.

Plan Future Meetups:

We’ll discuss the roadmap for our group and plan the topics for future meetups based on the interests and needs of the community.


Make sure to bring plenty of business cards! There will be ample time for networking, so you can connect with your peers, make new friends, and potentially find future collaborators.

A few things to note:

  • Please carry any of your Government-Issued ID Card.
  • You are requested to stay within the designated event premises and maintain the decorum of the office.
  • Please make sure you don’t leave any used plates on the tables and throw them in the bin.
  • Please be respectful and kind to each other.
  • Secure your spot now and be part of an unforgettable experience!

Register here: Pune MongoDB User Group (MUG) Meetup - Dec 2023
Kindly note that completing the form is the first step towards securing your registration. To complete the process, a separate confirmation email will be sent to you. Please ensure to present this email at the event entrance for seamless access.

In order to ensure a seamless and well-organized event, we kindly request you to NOT rely on on-spot registrations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you to the event! :slight_smile:


Event Type: In-Person
Location: TechVerito Software Solutions LLP, Nano Space IT Park, 301-A, Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045


Dear MongoDB Enthusiasts,

Excitement is in the air as we eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our MongoDB User Group Pune meetup tomorrow! :rocket: We’re thrilled to have you join us for what promises to be an unforgettable evening of insights, networking, and all things MongoDB.

Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you:

:mag: Industry Expert Insights: Get ready to dive deep into the world of MongoDB with presentations from industry experts who will share their valuable experiences, tips, and best practices. Whether you’re a seasoned MongoDB veteran or just starting your NoSQL journey, there’s something for everyone!

:handshake: Networking Extravaganza: Connect with like-minded professionals, expand your network, and engage in discussions that spark innovation. Our meetup provides the perfect platform to exchange ideas, collaborate, and forge lasting connections within the thriving Pune MongoDB community.

:gift: MongoDB Goodies Galore: As a token of our appreciation for your enthusiasm and participation, we have some exciting MongoDB goodies up for grabs! Be sure to join in for a chance to win exclusive swag and take home a piece of the MongoDB magic.

We can’t wait to meet you all in person and share the MongoDB excitement together. Your presence will undoubtedly make this event a resounding success!

Event Details:

Date: 16th December 2023
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: TechVerito Software Solutions LLP, Nano Space IT Park, 301-A, Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
GMaps location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/6QWB1tSGtxJdrJSW7

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information. Let’s make this meetup an incredible experience for everyone involved.

See you tomorrow for an evening filled with MongoDB inspiration and community spirit!

Best Regards,
MUG Pune
A friendly reminder: This event is limited to the attendees who have received an acceptance email with a ticket and QR code. please keep your email ticket or QR code image handy for a swift check-in process. Our team will be ready to assist, ensuring a seamless start to what promises to be a fantastic day.

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What an incredible turnout at our recent MongoDB User Group Pune meetup held on 16th December 2023! :rocket: With over 75 participants in attendance and a staggering 70% comprising working professionals, the energy and enthusiasm in the room were simply electric.

From engaging sessions to delightful breakfast and beverages, our meetup was a true celebration of all things MongoDB. The air was filled with the hum of insightful conversations, laughter, and the clinking of coffee cups as attendees immersed themselves in the world of MongoDB.

Our quiz session added an extra layer of excitement, turning moments of learning into friendly competition. Congratulations to all the quiz winners—you truly aced it! And let’s not forget the goodies that added that extra dash of MongoDB swag to everyone’s day. :gift:

But beyond the presentations and goodies, what truly made the evening special was the opportunity for like-minded MongoDB enthusiasts and professionals to connect and network. The room buzzed with discussions, knowledge sharing, and the forging of connections that will undoubtedly lead to future collaborations and innovations.

As we reflect on this successful meetup, we’re grateful for the vibrant community that makes our MongoDB User Group Pune so special. Your presence, engagement, and positive vibes are what make these events memorable.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us—participants, speakers, and sponsors alike. Your passion for MongoDB and commitment to learning and networking make our community stronger with each meetup.

Stay tuned for more exciting events on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see you all again soon for another round of MongoDB magic!

Cheers to a thriving MongoDB community in Pune! :star2::leaves:

Few Glimpses of the meetup-