Publish issue with .NET 2.12 driver: MongoDB.Libmongocrypt.dll

Publish produces file MongoDB.Libmongocrypt.dll

but requires MongoDB.LibMongocrypt

On run

An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (WebApplication3.deps.json) was not found:
package: ‘MongoDB.LibMongocrypt’, version: ‘1.2.0’
path: ‘lib/netstandard2.0/MongoDB.LibMongocrypt.dll’
[root@ip-10-0-10-30 publishARM]# vim WebApplication3.deps.json


Hello @Graeme_Henderson, thanks for your report, we see the issue and will fix it soon.
Best regards, Dima

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@Graeme_Henderson, can you please also provide the following details:

  1. Environment: OS, file system, TF, application framework(, mvc and etc), any other possibly related info.
  2. Repro details. Which steps exactly trigger the above error?

OS Linux running AWS linux 2 instance on t4g ARM machine
Framework asp dotnet core 2.2 mvc razor pages
publish for linux-arm64
transfer files to machine
set app to executable

Hey @Graeme_Henderson ,
Can you please confirm that your code uses client-side encryption (MongoDB.Libmongocrypt)?
Also, had this code worked for you with the previous driver versions?
Best regards, Dima

No we don’t use client side encryption.

can you please also say whether you were able to do these steps with the previous driver versions (not beta)?

I’m having the same issue on Linux at deployment, I had to go back to 1.11.6 to have it working again. Looking up for a resolution :slight_smile:

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Hey @Graeme_Henderson, can you please check the latest patch release 2.12.1?
Thanks in advance, Dima

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On my side I did try the update and release in test environment and it did fail like the last time.

@Eugenio_Blabla, can you provide the error message? Also, it would be good to have detailed repro steps(as much as possible detailed).