Proper replica set connection

Dear MongoDB community,

Since I did not find a clear answe yet: Is connecting to the (formerly determined) primary member of a replica set with the “mongo” command line tool supported? It is also equivalent to using the full replica set connection string?

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Hi Friedolin,

Yes, one can connect to any of the members of a replica set direction or make a replicaset connection. The difference between the former and the latter is the inclusion of “replicaSet” query parameter and the list of members. Connecting directly, to a member, like the primary, would mean omitting the “replicaSet” query parameter and having only the host name of the target member in the connection URI.


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Thanks for you reply! When connected explicitly and only to the primary member of a replica set, will writes/changes be replicated in the same way like when connected using the full connection URI?

Yes, change applied to primary will be replicated regardless of the connection types discussed.